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Exclamation New Plan -- Sky Lance


Another reuse of an old name...

This is a 13mm cluster ship, probably Skill Level 3 for difficulty. It requires some very careful surgery on a BC-1032 (used as the tailcone) to fit the ST-5 tubes through without breaking the remaining balsa. Also, you will need to cut and trim the ST-5 tube where it overlaps the ST-10. The gaps must be sealed completely, as the deployment pressurization would escape otherwise. The ST-10 does not need to be slotted. Study the 2D and 3D images carefully to see what I'm trying to describe (poorly) in words.

Note the override in the mass of the tailcone, reduced about 30%. The final piece will likely be even less mass than this, considering what has to be removed to fit the tubes. This is critical to the simulation, as it has much higher Dv numbers if left "stock".

Length: 18.70"
Diameter: 1.04" (ST-10)
Fin Span: 5.44"
Weight: 2.13 oz

(2) 1/2 A3-2T......120'......Dv 18 FPS.......23" guide length required
(2) A3-4T..........383'......Dv 3-7 FPS......33" guide length required

Don't try this with the 1/4 A3 as it never gets above 35'. The A10-3T is also not recommended as the Dv is above 30 FPS.

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