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Originally Posted by tbzep
It would also have to be a longer and more fragile pintle, and they would likely be broken or bent often.
I believe the old Teleflite book on "roll your own" black powder model rocket motors also touched upon this issue regarding core-burning motors.

From LeeR's recollection (I wish *I* could honestly wear a "I Toured the Estes Plant and Didn't Get Blown Up!" T-shirt!), it sounds like the B14 motors were manually drilled out. An automated system using a "magazine" feeder and a relatively slow drill (with a non-ferrous metal bit) could drill out B14 motors, and the leftover black powder drill "dregs" might even be reusable (if they could be safely "re-powdered" to the required mesh size) for propellant grains in other motors.
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