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Exclamation Updated Plan -- Pug

Originally Posted by Aeronautical
...everything costs money.

...And is getting more expensive every day. Some of us here actually have to work to pay for the important things, like nose cones and tubes, and what we have left over we spend on other stuff, like food and utilities...

And I think I'm going to have to get some catalogs eh? Anyone that any of you suggest that is a must?

All of 'em, of course!

And what is that link? Ninfinger productions, it's alot of pictures and what not, do you just refer to them alot?

Sven has done a lot of work putting his website together, and he has more interests than just model rockets. He has information about the real things, too. And cats...

I've downloaded all of his Estes and Centuri catalog pages to my personal drive, so that I can refer to them at any time without going out to the internet. Comes in handy...

The link to Ninfinger is

I was referring to your very first two posts on this thread.

OK, that was the Pug and the Scorpion. I've built Pug, but I haven't flown it yet. Scorpion is still a RockSim file at this time. My Pug prototype has one change, which I didn't even notice until just now. I show a 4" body tube, and I built mine with a 5" tube. The recommended motors are still the 1/4A3-3T and the 1/2A3-4T; the full A3 and A10 motors are not optimal, and actually deploy during the ascent. The 1/4A reaches 110', while the 1/2A reaches 295'. I think this is more than sufficient for a small model. You wouldn't see it above 300', and stand a good chance of loosing it...

The updated Pug is attached below...
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