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Originally Posted by CPMcGraw
So, have we completed anything (pending review)? I think we've worked on BTDATA (body tubes), BHDATA (bulkheads), NCDATA (nose cones), TCDATA (tube couplers), and TRDATA (transitions, reducers, and tail cones). Have we actually completed the data for all of the SEMROC components in these categories, for both SEMROC Standards and LTs, and Estes Classics?

I think pending final review, BTDATA, BHDATA, NCDATA, TCDATA, and TRDATA are as complete as possible based on the parts that can be created without using sub-assembly feature. I have included all parts from Semroc's website, including LTs and Estes classics, with files I've submitted.

Originally Posted by CPMcGraw
What other components have we not worked on yet? CRDATA (centering rings)? EBDATA (engine blocks)? LLDATA (launch lugs)? PCDATA (parachutes)? STDATA (streamers)? SLDATA (sleeves)? MODATA (mass objects)?

Yes, I think these are the next part sets to begin working on. Not as much data on web site for some of these. Is the Material CSV data file updated for some of these parts? I was specifically thinking of the fiber used in some of the centering rings.

Originally Posted by CPMcGraw
I just noticed RTDATA and TFDATA. Want to guess what these cover?

RTDATA = Ring Fins
TFDATA = Tube Fins

Neither have any data loaded in the default parts files.

Any particular parts area you'd like me to focus on next. Let me know.

... Bill
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