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Originally Posted by snaquin
Thanks Bill

I guess it's pretty obvious but I'm an SLS freak.

I'm finding I have a few designs including some that have been built and flown that I entered into RockSim and either posted them to other threads on the forum or just neglected to consider posting to BARCLONE. Shame on me .....

The next design I'll rework is an FSI rocket that was one of my favorite two stagers. I have to rework it with Semroc parts because all my FSI rockets were entered into RockSim 5 and I used FSI parts when I entered the data to create the files.


Sorry I haven't said "Thanks" earlier. I've been a bit... distracted...

I really like that Hornet. I have a clone of the standard version waiting for some yellow paint. One day this century, I'll try to get around to it.
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