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Originally Posted by rkt2k1
Craig - nice catch! Yeah, the more eyes looking at these files the better!

After a while, one can get a little bleary eyed working directly with the CSV files!

I'm trying my best to review parts in design mode in Rocksim prior to submitting files to forum. But there be a lot of parts in them there files.

... Bill

I'm keeping local copies of these files in the ODS format, which preserves any formulas I want to use. That formula for figuring out the CG location is just such an animal, as I only have to do the formula once and copy/paste it down the column.

So, have we completed anything (pending review)? I think we've worked on BTDATA (body tubes), BHDATA (bulkheads), NCDATA (nose cones), TCDATA (tube couplers), and TRDATA (transitions, reducers, and tail cones). Have we actually completed the data for all of the SEMROC components in these categories, for both SEMROC Standards and LTs, and Estes Classics?

What other components have we not worked on yet? CRDATA (centering rings)? EBDATA (engine blocks)? LLDATA (launch lugs)? PCDATA (parachutes)? STDATA (streamers)? SLDATA (sleeves)? MODATA (mass objects)?

I just noticed RTDATA and TFDATA. Want to guess what these cover?
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