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Exclamation New Plans -- Educator Series

OK, this is a no-frills, bare-bones type of model that is intended for school classroom and scouting troop "build-em-fly-em" projects. You will note the similarity to a certain Centuri design with the same heritage, but that really is accidental and unintended. As was noted with another design recently, five fins has a notable impact on the stability of a model over a model with four, yet six fins doesn't seem to produce as drastic an improvement over the five.

Each Educator fits into a power level that is comparable to the skill of the builder. The "A" model is a single 18mm design using the ST-8 tube. The "B" model uses the ST-10, but is powered with a 24mm motor. The "C" model is a cluster design using LT-175 tubing and three 18mm motors. The general idea is to progress from the low-power "A" up to the cluster "C" during the course of several sessions.


Educator A:

Length: 16.7"
Diameter: 0.908" (ST-8)
Fin Span: 2.91"
Weight: 0.95 oz

A8-3.......315'......Dv 24 FPS
B6-6.......714'......Dv 22 FPS
C6-7......1448'......Dv 20 FPS


Educator B:

Length: 22.5"
Diameter: 1.04" (ST-10)
Fin Span: 4.04"
Weight: 1.11 oz

C11-5.......940'......Dv 24 FPS
D12-7......1642'......Dv 22 FPS
E9-6.......2463'......Dv 30 FPS


Educator C:

Length: 28"
Diameter: 1.84" (LT-175)
Fin Span: 5.84"
Weight: 4.63 oz

(3) A8-3.......191'......Dv 2 FPS
(3) B4-4.......505'......Dv 21 FPS
(3) B6-4.......516'......Dv 26 FPS
(3) C6-7......1198'......Dv 21 FPS


All models and all motor combinations launch easily from a standard 36" rod.

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