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Originally Posted by James Pierson
Craig, as far as drag related non-symmetrical designs and wondering if this design would veer of to one side, I have been using the stability analysis feature in Rocksim to check the symmetery. I at least hope that is what this feature is for anyways?? On the tool bar under "Rocket" I click "Stability Analysis". I try to keep the blue and green circles semmetrical to each other. At least my best guess and some tweeking seems to do the trick. If I am using this feature in the wrong manner let me know what it (stability analysis feature) is would you. JP

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Sorry it took so long to get back on this one. I tried moving the outer tubes around to see what the changes might be, and didn't really notice anything that helped. Maybe I just need to look harder. What I really think is RockSim doesn't know how to deal with that type of asymetry, and just fudges the figures to what it's preprogrammed to understand. That our asymetrical designs seem to function as calculated may be as much accidental as it is planned...
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