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Originally Posted by jetlag
I have to ask, what is the incredible attraction so many of you nice folks have for these rockets? My guess is that it must be nostalgia? They are so simple 3 or 4fnc rockets.
Happy for you, though!😁


For me, anyway, it's 'the look'. A well designed rocket, no matter how simple, will maintain it's appeal and every one of the Enerjet SR series has that. Of all the rockets I bring to launches both with clubs and on my own, the SR1340, 1340/20 and SR2650' and the down-scaled variants I've built are the rockets that get the 'Wow!' comments - the ones I get the most questions about.
Another example is the Crown/SSRS Lasor 134 -very simple, sleek design
(though notice the similar fins to the SR2650...)

Estes take note: The down-scaled SR2650 for 13mm motors would make a great kit!
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