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Originally Posted by WillMarchant
Just a reminder about Bob's great page.

And Tim Wilson's semi-scale BG at
Even a scale-like/semi-scale Navaho model--like the red-and-white prototype model near the bottom of *this* page--would make a nice boost-glider kit. It should be easy to trim, having both the V-tail and canards up front, and:

The canted mid-body booster fins (they were canted on the real thing) could also, as with the adjustable pop pod canards on the Estes Astron Nighthawk boost-glider, enable the model's ascent trajectory to be programmable. As with the Nighthawk's canards, the Navaho booster's mid-body fins could be made with sheet metal trailing edges; the fins could be installed at a tilted "normal zero angle," and their trailing edges' incidence could be adjusted to program the boost trajectory (as with a normal model rocket, the booster's nose cone would pop off at ejection, and a streamer would lower it to Earth).
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