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Originally Posted by burkefj
Thank you! Tom used a C6-7 on that flight (and mentioned looking forward to trying composite D10 and D13 motors in his Me-163 model, in the text below the video). A C5, B8, or B14 black powder motor (some folks still have these in their personal motor caches) would give that model quite a kick of acceleration, too. ALSO:

Here (see: ) is a video of a full-scale replica Me-163 in flight (additional videos of it can be seen in the list on the right-hand side of the screen). It is flown only as a glider, but an XCOR Aerospace LOX/kerosene rocket engine (or a large hybrid motor) could power such a replica to duplicate its rocket-powered flight performance (the replica is all-wood, but the operational Me-163s had wooden wings, too).
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