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Default Trimning a Manta Glider

but what is/are the best way(s) to trim this glider for that?

When I was designing this glider I found that very small adjustments to those raised elevator sections at the back of the wing will make the model turn. A few swipes with a small sanding block to the top on just one side will make the glider turn. Remove a thickness of less then a piece of paper and you should be good. A great way to test trim the Manta is to shoot it up with a rubber band on a stick like the version we sale of it. Only pull back a little on the rubber band since if you pull to much it will simply do a loop right into the ground. You could of course simply add a piece of tape to one side of the wing to get the model to turn into the heavier wing. It doesn't take much.

John Boren
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