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Jay's reporter mode on:

"As I've done before, I *highly* recommend that you all buy David J. Miller's "Interrogator" from Sirius Rocketry, which is where I learned this fin-finishing technique."

Funny you should mention it. At the close of the vendor's room at NARCON yesterday, there were a lot of hugs and handshakes and good wishes among those present. The SEMROC krew, the Fliskit krew, the Hawks Hobby krew, Sirius Rocketry krew, and Red River Rocketry krew (and flunky).

I had to mention to David of Sirius that I had learned something this weekend.

I have a big one and John Dyer of RRR has a little one.

Sirius "Interrogator" kits. I bought the 24mm and John the 18mm kit.


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