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Originally Posted by snaquin
I'm going to try this on a future build but our humidity down here on the Gulf Coast is sometimes extreme and I'm not sure the adhesive on the paper would stay stuck even if I rubbed it down well. Have you ever had any problems with it wanting to lift back up?

Since I live in the high desert of Southern Idaho (which is even drier [but not hotter] than Phoenix), this is where your mileage may vary *radically* from mine.

Do you apply the paper to one side first and then trim around it and then do the other side or just cut the paper out like a fin pattern and then apply it? What works best for you?
If my fins aren't laser cut, I stack sand them *first,* as well as lightly sanding the surfaces to "get the bumps out."

Then I apply the paper to one side, and place that side of the fin down so I can see to trim it with an X-acto knife (I put a metal ruler on top of the fin to help make sure my cuts are straight). Then I do the same thing for the other side, and rub both sides down with the Sharpie cap.

I know you mentioned sealing the edges with CA.
Yep, that's the final step.

As I've done before, I *highly* recommend that you all buy David J. Miller's "Interrogator" from Sirius Rocketry, which is where I learned this fin-finishing technique.

18mm version:

24mm version:

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