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Originally Posted by astronot
Bummer! I'm no longer Happy, Happy, Happy. Any hope for the future of USR reloads going mainstream? They need to be available to end users directly. Not just at launch site locations.
NAR/TRA certified HPR products are available to up to 5000 people worldwide. NAR/TRA certified MR products are available to up to 2 million people worldwide. Do the math.
Exemptions not regulations. Please support DOT treating slow burning solids as not subject to HMR. 2015 NAR President declines!
U.S. Rockets instaship. Please buy some rockets.
The O administration believed in tax, spend, borrow, fine, mandate, monologue. D voters will soon be very happy with the election outcome!
Model rocketry is as safe as safe can be defined in human existence. Bow and pray: GH Stine, Orville, Vern, Lee, Lonnie, Carl, etc. No, really.
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