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Once that side is complete (pic 1), turn the rocket over, remove the other side of the backing (pic 2), and repeat the process affixing the other side of the wrap. Remember, work from the center middle of the wrap working out toward the top and bottom of the wrap, progressing from the middle of the wrap out toward the sides of the wrap (pic 3).

If you've been precise, your wrap will hopefully end up perfectly aligned like the one shown in pic 4. Note that the line where the wraps overlap looks really prominent in this pic because I tried to position the rocket with the overlap in shadow so as to be visible in the pic. In reality, viewed from a normal angle the line is almost invisible.

Honestly, doing the Falcon wrap is a little more effort than ones I create myself because of the lack of pre-printed alignment marks on the wrap (hopefully something I can get them to add). But, as you can see, the process is really pretty simple and my starting in the middle of the wrap you almost never end up with a misaligned or wrinkled wrap.
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