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When using a pre-printed wrap like the one on the Falcon 9, you have to put your alignment marks on yourself. The hardest part about using wraps printed by someone else is that you never really know whether the paper was precisely aligned when the wrap was printed. Fortunately, the wraps on the Falcon 9 were beautifully done.

The top of the wrap is scored so it could be folded over to fit in the box. Although I could have just torn along the scoring and used that as my top edge, I chose instead to use a straight edge to cut off the top of the wrap right at the cut line where the wrap itself would be peeled off its backing (1st pic). I did this to be absolutely sure the top edge of the wrap was straight for my T-square to rest against.

Once I cut off that top piece, I lined up the top edge of the wrap against the cross-piece of my T-square and I put marks at the top and bottom of the wrap approximately in its middle (pics 2 & 3 below). Being absolutely in the middle of the wrap is not at all crucial, but making sure the wrap is properly aligned in the T-square is critical.

Superfluous note: I find it much easier to make very fine pencil marks if I use an official Yuri's Night commemorative pencil which has been sharpened in a rocket-shaped pencil sharpener (pics 4 & 5).
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