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Originally Posted by bernomatic
I don't care I still want it

and I'll continue to hold my breathe

cause with it I can make all the fun nose cones, like for the Stealth, Firecat, Orion, Nova Scout ship, Falcon Commander, Vindicator, USSF Fireflash....

Improve Ram Jet nose cones for things like the Wolvwerine, Bomarc, Mini Bomarc....

Gonna be some fairly small nose cones, though. The sales brochure says the unit is limited to 3.39" x 2.17" x 1.02". I'm thinking NC-50 or so is gonna be your biggest nose cone, and those will be limited to a bit less than 3-1/2" long. But those are also gonna be some heavy nose cones if you make them from plastic. Of course, it does say it will work in balsa, so you might be able to do some interesting stuff that way, but I'm thinking you'd pretty much need to do most nose cones as halves and glue them together. I can se this being really useful to someone who plans to use it to make intricate nose come shapes as a master, then making a slush cast mold from it. (it might even be possible to use it in reverse and clut your mold with it, but you'd have to find the right material to work with).
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