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Default Camroc 808 Launch 9-5-19

Been awhile since anyone posted a Camroc thread, so I thought I would post about the launch of my 3-D printed Camroc earlier this month.

This Camroc is 3-D printed with a keychain camera in the nose. The model is available on Thingiverse, and pints really well. It was created by a modeler Jamie Clay, who has several camera nose cones available, including an awesome Cineroc model. If you are interested in the Camroc/Cineroc, be sure to take a look.

I used the cheapest keychain camera I could find, cost under $4 shipped. That turned out to be an iffy decision, more on that later.

The rocket itself used a 3-D printed fin can that is included with the model files on Thingiverse and a body tube wrap that was printed on sticker paper and applied to BT-50.

Two flights were made on B6-4 motors. On the first flight I didn't hold the record button long enough and ended up with a picture of some grass. The second flight video worked, but the frame rate was so low on the video it was basically unwatchable.

Disappointed, I starting going through the video frame by frame and had an idea. Some still frames of the video actually seemed usable, so I used the Picture tool in Windows 10 to save them as JPEG images, used Gimp to take a circular crop, and then applied a black and white filter. A few examples are attached.
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