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I'm not sure it's in proper taste to ask for the instructions and measurements for a kit that's still in production... it would give the appearance that one advocates cloning it rather than buying the thing from the manufacturer, as one should do with a current-production kit...

If it's out of production, then disregard, this doesn't apply...

As for the "weird shock cord mounting system", it's just a variation of the "moon baffle" design with the screw eye through the top piece of (probably) plywood... basically just plywood centering rings with a partial circle "bite" out of either side... 2-3 of them stacked up on top of each other staggered, each one clocked a 120 degrees apart from the last one, most likely... At least that's what it looks like...

Design wise, it looks like an upscaled "Vigilante"... just without the extra stage...

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