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Thanks. I will send you a pm when I get a bit further into the build. I am doing something a little different. Instead of just building the Maxi Icarus, I am making a more correctly scaled-up Icarus. The body of the original Icarus was a 12.75 length of BT-50. That scales up to a body length of 21.38 (rounded down a bit) of BT-60. The Maxi kit used an 18 length of BT-60. I am extending that to 21.38. Unfortunately, I cannot find a longer length of BT-60-sized clear tubing than 5. I should be 2 longer than that. What are ya gonna do? I did get an upscale of the PNC-50Y from Semroc. So mine be more correctly proportioned to the original. I still have my Icarus model from the 1980s.
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