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Default Estes Maxi Icarus Graphic

I am trying to post something here for the first time so I hope it works. I (re)created the kit graphic for the Estes Maxi Icarus. The original scan is at the top of the page. It isn’t very, uhm, good. It kinda looks like parts of it may have been drawn with a Sharpie. I recreated it using the font (I believe) they started with. This is much cleaner and would look and read a lot better (IMHO). I mimicked the same typographic treatment—making the letters smaller as the go toward the center and then back up again. This is the second one from the top.

I then went on to do a third version using the same font but changing the treatment to be a bit less gimmicky. All the lower case letters are the same size. The “I” being the tallest letter where the wings are—I also stylized the wings a bit.

Finally, on the 4th version, I reversed the solid type with the outlined type. The reason for this is the kit name is Icarus—just a larger version. It is scaled-up from the original Icarus. “Maxi” just suggests that it is larger—just like if you put the word “Big” at the front and so should not stand out more than the name.

Any thoughts?
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