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Originally Posted by rraeford
I think the fact that it was designed for ST-8 tubing might have something to do with it.

Yeah, could be. Although, the 1340 fin can was also designed for Centuri-specific tubing (ST-13) and Estes wound up adopting that tube size, first for the Astrocam and then for other kits that used the 1340 fin can (Challenger II booster for the Astrocam and a handful of other kits over the years).

Good find though on the red fin can. Post a photo when the resto is complete, if you can.

LAST MINUTE THOUGHT: Did the Estes Space Shuttle SRBs use ST-8 tubing? Something in my memory says it did, but I could be wrong. Ok, just looked up the Estes instructions and it says they are BT-46. Anyone know if that is equivalent to Centuri ST-8?

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