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Originally Posted by ghrocketman
I have heard of the red fin unit used in some Screaming Eagle kits, but have never seen a kit with one.
I had two Eagles in the past and both had blue fins.
I believe that the red fin unit was used with some other kit and they used up the extras this way.
Might have been one of the "Stellar" series.

The Screaming Eagle plastic fin unit was NOT used in any other Centuri kit. Surprisingly, it was used just in that one kit and never found use anywhere else; not even later with Estes.

One would think with as many different uses as the Enerjet 1340 fin unit went through with Centuri AND Estes kits over the years that the Screaming Eagle fin unit would have seen at least ONE other application, but no. And I am not sure why, unless they were really having to pour all production of that fin unit into the Screaming Eagle kit, which apparently was very, very popular for them as a starter kit. Still, to me, even that does not really explain its single kit use.

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