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Unfortunately, the screw eye is missing from the kit. It and the launch lug. But, page one of the instruction set does call out the SE-1, which the 1970 Estes catalog says is one inch long weighing .04 oz.

Let me see if I can grab the kit real quick and get the info on the shock cord (it is quarter inch wide, I just dont know how long) and the parachute...pretty sure it is the yellow and red, probably 18 and Im pretty positive it has the pre-Damon logo.

Ill edit this same post once I verify.


Edit: Ok, chute is 18, yellow and red, pre-Damon logo. Shock cord is nominal 1/4 material 18.25 long. Will do the scans you mentioned via emai probably tomorrow sometime. Oh, and I reverified wooden dowel length: definitely 1 long. It does appear that Estes goofed on that material since that is not enough to put a full length of dowel under each length of launch lug fore and aft. If I were building this back in the day and were confronted with this, I would probably have cut the dowel exactly in half and centered that under each 5/8 length of launch lug...OR...I might have simply cut each launch lug piece to .5 to match the amount of dowel I had to put under it.

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