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Hi Earl,

Working on the sim at this time...

I'm now quite sure that Estes did something really weird with the launch lugs and the standoffs on this kit... Taking your measurements of 1/16" x 1" long, there's no way that both LL Standoffs could be 5/8" long. If the rear is 5/8" long, that leaves only 3/8" for the front. I opted to go with that number as I can't see a way around it. The photo of the parts in the instructions also gives credence to the part you have being genuine. I also moved the forward LL back from the leading edge of the body tube based on the dotted lines seen in the instructions, as no specific location was given.

Could you check these numbers for me?

Instructions give the shock cord as "1/4" Shock Cord #SC-2" (which the 1974 Custom Parts Catalog gives as 1/4" x 18")

And the screw eye as "Screw Eye #SE-1"(which the Custom Parts Catalog doesn't list). I'm presuming it's 3/8" ID x 1" long.

Also, the parachute... Is it the yellow and red "Checkerboard" pattern with the old Estes Logo?

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