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Ok, just did a quick measurement of one of the ‘wider’ engine hooks, as mentioned above. This particular hook was from a Centuri Magnum Jayhawk, which was introduced in 1980 and ran until ‘83.

Whereas a standard engine hook material is .0955” wide, these later engine hooks that Estes and Centuri started using in some kits (and maybe it was just in the D powered kits) are .1260” wide. However, material thickness seems to be just about the same. I was thinking that the material in the vigger hooks might be a bit thicker, but no; the additional stiffness with the bigger hook is apparently completely because of its wider material, not thicker material.

But looking at the two hooks side by side, it is very obvious one is wider than the other. This comparison really has nothing to do with the Cherokee-D kit being discussed here; however, since I mentioned the wider engine hook above, I just got curious and wanted to see just how much wider those hooks were.


Edit -- Photo added to show comparison of different widths of engine hooks over the years. By the way, the one on the left is the one from this Cherokee-D kit. It's 'normal' size. The one of the right is one of the 'wider' engine hooks.
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