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Originally Posted by K'Tesh
Thanks for the quick clarification on that BT length.

About the offer... I had to try. You can bet I'll be cloning it (stock). Ok... A few pointers. Look carefully at the face card and the instructions... They seem to not be the same rocket. The engine hook placement is to put it lightly... Weird. I point it out in the event you're going for the match the original look.

You've got my email address right? I have a onedrive folder if needed.

I literally was taking a break from working on my sim of Toby Vanderbeek's Cherokee-H kit, when I was on the phone with a friend, and saw the email notification of this thread getting action. My friend had to deal with me geeking out on the new scans.


It would appear in this first version of the Cherokee-D face card art that they were using a preproduction model of the rocket. The face card model seems to show either a motor or motor tube projecting from the base of the rocket (and I donít even see a motor hook at all on the model). But, it is the same face card as shown on Jerry Fortinís site for this first version of the kit. See this link:

Is onedrive a drop folder/box of some type? If so, Iíd rather use that than email, all things equal. If that is what it is, PM with the pathway and Iíll try that.

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