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Originally Posted by Earl
Oh, yep, that is a typo. Should be the full 12” of my ruler PLUS the 4.344” of the second measure beyond the 12” length of the ruler for a full length of 16.344”. Sorry about that.

As for selling, well you can probably guess the answer would be no but I appreciate the offer.

I normally do full kit content photos of all kits (well the ones that are open of course) before building them, not that I intend to build this one. But I will add to that photo list the particular ones you requested above.

The file sizes, in some cases, for emailing are pretty large. I’ll have to check a bit later (I’m on an iPad right now away from my main computer), but some may exceed 20mb, which I think is my email provider limit. Do you have a drop box somewhere, or maybe I can resemble the largest ones so they can be emailed.


Thanks for the quick clarification on that BT length.

About the offer... I had to try. You can bet I'll be cloning it (stock). Ok... A few pointers. Look carefully at the face card and the instructions... They seem to not be the same rocket. The engine hook placement is to put it lightly... Weird. I point it out in the event you're going for the match the original look.

You've got my email address right? I have a onedrive folder if needed.

I literally was taking a break from working on my sim of Toby Vanderbeek's Cherokee-H kit, when I was on the phone with a friend, and saw the email notification of this thread getting action. My friend had to deal with me geeking out on the new scans.


Dreaming of making the rockets I dreamed of as a kid (and then some).

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