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Originally Posted by LeeR
Will the old website stick around? Unless eRockets moves over all the data, it is a great place to find references to body tubes, nose cones, and also the PDFs of kit instructions. I misplaced the hardcopy of the Mars Lander instructions, so I downloaded it off the old website.

Hey Lee, I can't provide a direct link, but I believe I've read several times that Randy at New Semroc has promised to keep the old site up just so all the old reference material will stay available to guys like us who find it super valuable.

Every time I made an order, then got the full SAM and NAR member discounts and saw the final total, I'd ask myself "How in the heck are these folks making enough to stay in business?" Carl and Sheryl and Bruce did, obviously, but I would've placed the same orders just the same, even if I didn't get a discount.

Well....maybe the discount did encourage me to add a few more items....
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