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Hello everyone,

Carl restarted Semroc for the love he and Bruce had for rocketry. I will have to admit, we were able to pay our bills but we did not plan any fabulous vacations. Our vacations were the NARAM's and NARCON's. We had a wonderful time seeing our old friends and meeting new ones.

Bruce just came back from Ohio (eRockets/Semroc) and he was very impressed with Randy's progress getting Semroc up and running again. There were a few things he was able to show Randy's group that they didn't know. A few tools were a mystery as to what they were used for but they had figured out most of the tools Carl had made.

Randy is making a great effort to get the products Semroc had plus plans to expand the line. I believe he wants to make it a one-stop-shopping experience which Carl had plans to do.
As for myself, I know I couldn't have left Semroc in better hands.

Thank you again everyone,
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