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Originally Posted by BEC
I asked him about that at NSL. Short digest of the longer conversation: releasing new kits is vital to keeping Semroc going and therefore is higher priority. He did not say that Semroc motors, per se, are not going to happen, but he also did not give me the impression that it's any time soon. Too bad.

Aah. Good update there BEC; much appreciated. Was sorta afraid that might be the case, but still, was trying to be hopeful.

With the staff they have, it really is amazing Carl and Co. turn out all the products they do. Adding motor making to that as well I can only imagine would be a heroic addition to the list, not to mention the capital influx needed to support manufacturing hardware development. The motor survey input a good many of us here provided on the Semroc web site may have simply indicated the demand just was not there to justify such capital outlays, though I really don't think that was the only intent of that survey.

But, economics is economics: in this economy, one simply does not just jump into an undertaking like that because it *might* be a *nice* product addition; there needs to be some assurance the market is there. In this case, it may have not completely added up to a 'go' decision, at least maybe not to this date.

Maybe we'll still yet get B14s at some point in the future....

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