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Originally Posted by foamy
I'm wondering what you good folks at Semroc have coming out next.

I couldn't resist the Centurion D (the Centurion is one of my all-time favorite designs. I really am a simple guy) and Maxi-Micron when they appeared in April and the Nike-Tomahawk before that, and on and on as long as I've been a re-BAR and customer—which are one and the same.

I always look forward to your new kits and am curious as to what's on the upcoming menu—if you're at liberty to divulge them. If not, I'll happily and patiently wait until you're ready.

I floated a thread at the beginning of the year speculating that possibly 2013 *might* be the year of Semroc motors. Alas, no bites or hints from Carl on where their motor work stands currently.

Still, we can hope; the year is only half over.

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