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Originally Posted by BEC
I agree with's hard to wrap one's mind around such a large and varied list.

Some curiosities:

It seems that (for now) all the weights are propellant + 1g regardless of form factor or delay. I expect that's a work-in-progress kind of thing.

Also, in the "retro" section there are "R" and "RS" entries. The "RS" types are really shorties, right?

Finally, the motor designations that are in small type and parentheses are the Estes designations for the same motors, right? In the case of the "retros" they're the pre-metric designations.

You can understand the magnitude of this. I want two machines to do all 200 or so of the engines with very little changeover between types.

The S and RS are shorties. The R designates the Mabel I (.406") ID with thick walls.

I am working on the Initial weight. For now it does just add 1 g. That will change to reflect the real weight.
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