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To Timorley,

If you are asking about the sizes of the body tube lengths on the Enerjet 1340:
The lower body tube is 13" long.
The upper tube is 8" long.
Both are ST-13 tubes available from Semroc.

The strange thing is the coupler. The Enerjet 1340 coupler had only .10" exposed between the two tubes.

I got my MARS Project from Roger Smith at The "Centuri Rockets" wrap around on the upper body was glued and taped to the 8" upper body tube. I tried to remove it but after all these years it was a gummy mess. I ended up cutting the 8" tube from the original (yellowing) lower tube and ordering a new 13" length from Semroc for the new lower tube.
It's being built for 24mm Es and Fs so it'll fly somewhat like the original Enerjet version. Yes, I know the Enerjets were 29mm. I still have two E24-7 Enerjets in storage.
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