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Originally Posted by snaquin
MarkB. sorry for the late reply on this I have been off the forum for a bit getting through some health and work issues since my last visits. I did see the kit you picked up when it was listed on eBay but it already had a bid on it so I passed on bidding since I have two of these still in the bags and the built kit that I posted about in this thread.

I looked but couldnít find my spare set of vinyl decals that I had made. I was going to send to you at no charge and get a couple more sets in the future since I wonít be building the bagged kits anytime soon. I used the cleaned up version by Solomoriah of my scan in this thread but I donít remember exactly where I had them made but I suspect it was by Graphix n Stuff by Dave Rose that is where I obtained most all my cut vinyl from

I never used his web form I just emailed him at the link on the site. He does great work and small projects. I used him for the EnerJet logo on many of my clone models and the vinyl body tube wraps on my Centuri AEC two stage rocket on the payload section.

Iíll keep looking for my spare set to send you but I am doubtful that I will locate it I checked pretty much everywhere that I could think of but canít locate the envelope.

Vinyl for these were by Graphix n Stuff

Good luck with your restoration!

Glad to see you back, Steve. Thought it had been a bit of a gap between your posts here. Hope all is well/better for you.

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