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I've been beta testing these for some time and have found them quite interesting to use. They are as accurate as any other altimeter I've flown, based on flying them alongside tried and proven devices. The production version is very small - about as long as, but narrower than a PerfectFlite FireFly.

The interface application has a few rough edges yet but it's quite usable. At the moment the iOS and Android versions are essentially identical in operation and even in how they look.

The FS Mini differs from AltimeterThree in that the main storage location for your historical data is the flight logs section of the FlightSketch web site rather than your phone or tablet. The interface for this is also a little rough around the edges - or it will be once there are two hundred more of these things out in the wild. But all of this can, and I expect will, be dealt with.

On Android, even though you can store files locally on your device they are buried rather deeply in the file structure. On iOS they show up in the Files app in their own folder. There they are .csv files, just like what you upload to the web log. As such they can be pulled into a spreadsheet program for further analysis or graphing, not unlike the .xlsx files that AltimeterThree exports.

Because they are bare boards, not in a case, more care is needed when flying them in other than a dedicated payload section, but it can be done.

Anyway, at that price they are simply amazing. In fact they would be pretty amazing at twice the price or more.
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