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Originally Posted by blackshire
I see--yes, he used the same propellant nomenclature as for the Aerotech-labeled motors, although I think that in the Aerotech-labeled motors with that propellant, it's called "Black Jack" (the other Q-Jet pack in that picture identifies its motors' propellant as "White Lightning," which I've also seen printed on some Aerotech-labeled motors). Do any of the Quest Q-Jet motors use their third propellant type (Blue Thunder)? (As well as being scale-realistic for some models, such as the Skylark, their Black Max propellant, burning more quietly, would be useful for flying in places where neighbors aren't far away.)

So far, no. The Black Max Q-Jets are the ones that have been around since mid 2018. The White Lightining Q-Jets are not-yet-released, though they will be soon. I've flown some beta WL Q-Jets. They are NOT quiet. Rather the opposite.

I have no idea if there are long term plans to do a Blue Thunder or other Aerotech propellant variant of the Q-Jets. That's a question for Gary Rosenfield or Karl Baumann I think.
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