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Default Thoughts on the USS Andromeda

As a BAR this is one kit I have wanted for over seven years. Ebay bid on this one forget-it.,
So If I were a manufacture what are some of the thing I would change to make this great kit even better.

1. Laser cut fins - TTW the main sail, Antenna Platform & Engine pylon

a. Main Sail to save on material cost. This would still remain two halfs ( Rear sail half and Front sail half) with minor changes. Laser cut a half slot in the Front sail half and a half slot in the antenna platform . Also make the Antenna Platform in one piece .

b. TTW for Main Sail half's.... each half of the sail would have it's own TTW . One thought would be to position TTW laser cut slots on body tube to act as an alignment tool for the three rings .
In effect you would have four laser cut slots in the body tube to align the rings.

The position of the engine hook could be moved to an 11:00 position vice 12:00 so as to not interfere with the TTW fins being glued to the motor mount.

Part# C could be changed to a Transition TR2050 but would need to be bored for body tube.
Extra cost$$$$$
Part#E BT50H 7.375" Parachute Compartment is very small for an 18" chute

Well these are my 2cents worth your thoughts and input please.
Or is this just idle brain storming?


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