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Originally Posted by chanstevens
Hopefully you can just post or email the modifications you want. I got my big honkin' box today and am ready to start on it. I'll stick to tube spiral treatments and such, surely not affected by your mods.

Also, you probably don't need to go Priority on the capsule kits--it's not like any of us will be stopped and needing these early next week. Cheapest/easiest would be the way to go.

--Chan Stevens

Dang it, I was planning on starting the project during the three day weekend, but our USPS seems to have gotten crappy on Atlanta the past couple of months. My sky-of-gold certificates got here today properly mangled one or two days after everybody else seemed to get them (actually, they aren't in that bad a shape, though my mail carrier did nearly put a crease in one of them).
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