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Originally Posted by LeeR
Regarding your glue joints ó is the glue old? I do woodworking, and tend to use up glue pretty quickly, but I bought a gallon of Titebond once and it did start to get a bit rubbery, so I tossed it. PVA glues also donít do too well in a garage over the Winter. My shop is in my basement but Iíve heard of others having the glue freeze, and then having to throw it out.

I don't think it's that old (it's my newer bottle, FWIW) but I suppose in the future I should write the dates on all glue bottles when I get them so I won't have to guess.

I don't think I've had problems in other areas, just on these fins. I haven't figured it out.

Right now I have to think about the best way to clean up that root. Will just dabbing some touch-up paint on the seam where the paint separated fill the cracks, or do I have to put some sort of filler in there first? I was wondering what filler would go in and not require any sanding; once I have to start sanding the paint repair starts getting bigger and starts touching more decals. Applying a very fine bead of CA seemed like a possibility, but I don't know if I could do it surgically enough to end up clean. But that would sure seal the paint crack.

To be fair, even if I left it exactly as is it wouldn't be a tragedy, but I can certainly try *something*.
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