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Lazarus is looking better and better with each daily build, and I'm actually getting the hang of the Pascal syntax. Do I like it as well as C++? No, not really. But until someone produces a C++ version of Lazarus, then I'm stuck with Object Pascal.

And yes, I have tried other OpenSource GUI builders. Four of note have been Dev C++, wxDev C++, Code::Blocks, and Eclipse. My opinions of each?
  • Eclipse Gahhhck... Bloated, slow, clunky, bug-infested...
  • Dev C++ A C and C++ IDE actually written in Object Pascal, using Delphi 6. Has some merit, but why not build it in C++ Builder 6?
  • wxDev C++ A derivative of Dev C++, but with bindings for the wxWidgets GUI library. I am NOT a fan of 'Sizers'...
  • Code::Blocks Another IDE with a wxWidgets library binding. The underlying compiler is Gnu...

When I first began using the VCL with C++ Builder 1, I liked it immediately. When I upgraded to Builder 3, I continued to be impressed with the library. At first, I thought the limitation to single inheritance would be an issue, but it really wasn't; it may even have forced me to think more in terms of fluid, linear code and not to get bogged down in spaghetti-threaded classes.

My 'project' is coming along, albiet slowly. Right now, I'm trying to read XML files and get the needed information out of them without getting 'code bloat congestion'. My code has probably been written and re-written about 50 times since starting. Some of it I can loop through in my sleep, I've typed it so often.

At some point, when I think I've managed to get something that doesn't embarrass me, I'll post a copy of the binary for your perusal...
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