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Originally Posted by James Pierson
I also would like a better way to attach a paper transition to a body tube. The narrow of the
transition is easy but the wider end onto an .05 CR really stinks . I would like to see some 1/4" thick Balsa Transition Centering Rings for some commomly used paper transitions. Half (1/8") of the ring would be used as a centering ring to center the two different BT's and the other half (1/8") would be tapered to match the slope of the paper transition. A designer could even customize the slope themself with a little sanding if an oddball transition is desired.


Carl has demonstrated this to be possible with paper rings using the laser Krellvenator and his 0.05" paper stock. Look at the base ring on the Apollo capsule. It's a staggered cut. For a ring like you're describing, a glue-up of two rings - one tapered, one not - would work fine. If the paper stock were available in thicker sheets - up to 1/4" (or 5x the 0.05" material, for 0.25" thick) - your ring could be done the same way.
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