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Lightbulb Parts you say.

A better parts asortment would be great and a Futuristic Parts Assortment would be even better.

Also I would also like to see a Rocket Designing Kit. Not a parts assortment but a sample of all Semroc body tubes, center rings, fin material, various dowels, LL, and other parts.

*Body tube samples would be precut and about 1/2" long with several of each tube.
*Fin material sample would be of various thicknesses from 1/16" to 1/8".
I use such a Design Box myself and has really helped me figure out what tubes fit into each other in an eye appealing way. I lay several tubes on a flat surface and design via End View of the rocket design. I have come up with several design in this way including the Cargo Star Transport, Megga Dogfighter, Etc...

I also would like a better way to attach a paper transition to a body tube. The narrow of the
transition is easy but the wider end onto an .05 CR really stinks . I would like to see some 1/4" thick Balsa Transition Centering Rings for some commomly used paper transitions. Half (1/8") of the ring would be used as a centering ring to center the two different BT's and the other half (1/8") would be tapered to match the slope of the paper transition. A designer could even customize the slope themself with a little sanding if an oddball transition is desired.

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