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The Rocketeer drawing is wrong.

The airfoil on the Horizontal Stabilizer should be on the lower surface to generate lift downward AND the horizontal stabilizer should be glued to the lower tapered surface of the "boom" or fuselage. This gives you and angle of incidence to the wing so it will pull out of a "death dive" (unlike most of the Flat Cat gliders with no angle of incidence).

Gluing of the launch lugs should have them in a straight line along the top edge of the fuselage, so one would go directly under the wing and the other would go above the horizontal stabilizer but not glued directly to the angled upper surface of the horizontal stabilizer - it should be glued along the top edge of the fuselage. You can put something on top of the fuselage to easily locate the lug whilst gluing.

I built a large number of these back in the day. It was a good performer.
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