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Default Estes Saturn V repaint PT 2

I spent the day putting some work into my Saturn V. I started by removing the body wraps that I put on wrong on the original build 2yrs ago. I'm pretty sure I got it closer on this try . I started painting the F1 engines and fairing (silver) with flat black on the inside of the engine bell. I saw some nice pics of the separate stages in various states of being built at the factory and noticed some yellow trim here and there. It looks so cool I decided to incorporate it into my paint scheme. I also found a use for the wrappers on my sons Pop Tarts, it looks really nice pasted around the service module! I'm deciding if I want to use it for the fins and lower fairing trim as well. It's alot more work that's why I'm hesitant at the moment. Next I hope to re-apply some white around the body tube where I re-positioned the wraps (what a pain in the *ss!), then apply my black paint (flat or gloss?) I'm not sure, although I'm leaning towards flat black. I found a PDF file with the decal sheet last night while searching google! Now I just have to find my clear inkjet labels and I'll be all set.
Here are a couple more pics of the progress.
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