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Originally Posted by Earl
A few weeks ago I was able to pick up an envelope of literature concerning this Cox poster/brochure.

The envelope was post marked May, 1970 and included the poster/brochure (I've attached a full, stitched version below), along with scanned copy of the cover letter and the price list which was on the back of the cover letter.

Interesting to note the Saturn V tower (which, as has been previously stated, was never released) was set to cost $9. Would have made a nice addition had they ever released it.


Hi Earl,

Nice find! Thanks for sharing with us to help confirm the date of the Vintage Cox Model Rocketry Poster! It is interesting that the poster portrays the Astra Glider, but the included order form/price sheet instead lists the Dyna-Soar glider (which is not on the poster illustration) and the included order form/price sheet does not mention the portrayed Astra Glider, although the order form/price sheet does mention all the other model rockets depicted.

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