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Originally Posted by Faithwalker
Sorry, I wasn't able to do a continuous scan to keep the tri-fold poster all together. Perhaps someone with some graphic skills can stitch the three pages back together....

Crude but effective... I "stitched" the brochure together and it ended being a 20 megabyte PDF, even at a smaller size. Originally it was over 30 inches tall but I decreased the size to 25 inches tall... still too big to post. I took a "screen shot" for all to enjoy.

Faithwalker: If you divide the scans into five sections instead of three then I could do a better job at "stitching" the pictures together. Just FWI I am using PowerPoint, the "poor man's" graphic program, to stitch these. Then I "print" the file using doPDF 10 to "print" the file, that is how I do my decals and it works fine.
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