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Originally Posted by ghrocketman
I'd like to see the Argus/X-21 reissued as a multi-stage model with a SCALE flight profile.
The full scale rocket was designed to DELIBERATE POWR-PRANG. NO JOKE.
The Northrop X-21 (see: ) was a Douglas B-66 Destroyer jet bomber, modified with its two J79 turbojet engines re-located to the rear fuselage, which was used to test drag-reducing active laminar flow wings; two were built. You mean the X-17 re-entry test missile (see: tId4unEdUM ), which was also used to loft the three Operation Argus (which was called "Project Argus" in my old books, see: ) nuclear devices into space to produce artificial auroras, and:

While flying the X-17 re-entry flight profile (Stage 1 firing upward, Stages 2 and 3 firing downward) with an X-17 scale model would be spectacular to watch--from a safe distance, such a kit modification would have to be "left as an exercise for the builder..."
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