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Originally Posted by burkefj
Cross posting in case people here are interested.

Stanton Ewert Posted a really neat scratch build on facebook he did that was themed on a fokker red triplane but highly modified. I had a receiver and set of servos my family got me for christmas and I decided I wanted to do something themed like that as well, but also to call back to my first aileron plane, a Das Ugly Stik.

I decided that since it was a rocket plane, and retro-futuristic(is that a thing?) I'd do a canard but keep the tail and wing shape a-la ugly stik.

I used a doubled kf airfoil wing mainly for stiffness, and non movable canard and elevon controls, 27" wingspan, 30.5" length, 2.6" diameter. Weight all up rtf is 11 oz.

It uses BMS BT-80 tubing, pnc-80bb for the nose, and model plane foam(MPF) 6mm for the wings with depron tail and canard(depron is slightly stiffer)

I gave her some paint, with hand cut vinyl trim, added a few details, machine guns, nose art and I give you

Der Himmelsjäger

Looks like something you would see Dasterdley and Mutley flying in Wacky Races.....or as someone else suggested from the video game Crimson Skies...
That one would make Snoopy jealous ("Drat! The Jerries always have the most futuristic designs!"). :-) Even before I read your posting, the picture--the vertical stabilizer in particular--shouted, "Das Ugly Stik! (That venerable old kit is still available, in multiple sizes and even in ARF [Almost-Ready-to-Fly] and electric-powered versions.) One of my brothers-in-law got the tip of his nose sliced off by the big propeller of his original Ugly Stik (fortunately, surgical re-attachment was successful and he healed without noticeable scarring). Yes, there is such a thing as "retro-futuristic" (there are theme parks that are termed "traditional-type tomorrow-lands," in that they depict the 1930s, 1950s, or other such eras' views of what the future would be like. Flying it under rocket power--if you plan to do that--should be interesting (not in the Chinese curse meaning of "interesting," but as in "exhilarating," like the RC electric/18 mm model rocket motor-powered ARF Me 163 Komet model).
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